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Ali Fatahipoor

Ali Fatahipoor

Recruitment Consultant - AI | Blockchain | Crypto | Web3 | DeFi

About Ali

Hi, I’m Ali,

I am a recruitment consultant here at Enertek Group and I’m also a big Software Development enthusiast! My specialisms are within the AI, Blockchain and Fintech industries where through thorough market research I have been able to emerge myself in this space to gain a better understanding of what my clients want from a developer point of view.

I have been able to build high performance engineering cultures globally, where technology thrives at the core of the company! This has been achieved through a meticulous approach to recruitment aiming to unlock high-performing engineers compatible with what my clients require. Through this, I have built an extensive network of both clientele, and developers with a range of programming languages and technological tools, where my previous experience in software development also helps in creating great relationships and learning from the developers I work with!

I have a great interest at the moment in Artificial Intelligence! I study the AI market trying to understand the key technologies and markets of this space as I truly believe this will be the future.
Our network is ever-expanding, so please feel free to contact me anytime to learn how we at Enertek Group can provide value at your company to provide excellent speed-to-market and highly targeted talent acquisition services!

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